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Royalty Free Original Music for Professional Movie, Video and Media Productions.

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I originally created this site to market "Scene by Scene" Volumes I and II, sound tracks for video projects. However, I have added a couple of things to it since then.
I want this site to be user friendly and to provide you personal assistance if needed. That being the case, I am easy to contact at: doc@tunewriter.com, and I'll be happy to help with any concerns or questions you might have regarding anything on this site.

Available on this site:
Scene by Scene, Volumes I & II  Sound tracks for video projects

Tryin' to Reach You  Doc Michaels' live album. Rock & Blues.
The Solo Performer  The definitive 'How To' book for the aspiring Solo Performer. by Doc Michaels

Scene by Scene, Volumes I and II

If you're tired of paying per play per tune royalties for original music in your professional media productions, you've come to the right place! If you're looking for someone to do the music score for a movie or video, please consider this my resume'! Here is a large collection of original music in many styles and lengths, which I wrote with the visual arts media in mind. These are sound tracks for professional commercial video and media projects of all kinds, such as:
    *TV shows,
    *Commercials,                             Sample Some Tunes
    *Radio shows,
    *Web Sites,
    *Product demonstration videos
    *Training videos,
    and any media production you want to put original music to!
    There are also some compositions on the Free Downloads page that have a lot of power and character. I hope to be adding to it from time to time.

Included in this collection are:
Introductions, Themes, Interludes, Suspensions, Fanfares, and Finales.
Some of the available styles of music are:

Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Country, Reggae, New Age, Techno, Orchestral, Big Band, Classical, Baroque, Ethnic, and many more!...

    Since you worked hard to make your project shine, why use tired old tunes in the public domain or generic music by anonymous writers? Original music from Tunewriter.com Royalty Free Original Music can help give your project the edge you need to stand out from the competition. The dynamics of fresh, original, digital stereo sound tracks can make the difference between outstanding and mediocre, without the project crippling expense normally associated with the cost of royalties for new original music.

    Unlike royalty free music available in the public domain, most of which is free because of expired copyrights, Tunewriter.com Royalty Free Original Music is fresh and new. These tunes were all composed, performed, and recorded by Doc Michaels. The collection these tunes were included in is titled and copyrighted as "Scene by Scene Vol. I " and "Scene by Scene Vol. II".
P.S.- Custom tunes can also be written just for you, to your specifications, and you may purchase their copyrights if you wish! The tune(s) will then be your exclusive property, and if anyone else wants to use them, they have to pay you! I don't know what you've found in your searches, but I haven't found any other site of this type offering the copyrights!  ....Doc

Also available on this site:

My Book, "The Solo Performer", which is a 'How To' book for anyone who wants to be some kind of solo performer, such as a one man band, a DJ, a Magician, a stand up comic, a karaoke host or open mike host, etcetera. Includes how to define your repertoire, target your audience, get the gigs, promote the gigs, play the gigs! How to set up your stage, sound system and lights. Press releases, booking agents, taxes, etc. Lots of great information to get you working! If you have any questions about anything in the book, just email me at doc@tunewriter.com , put 'Solo Performer' in the subject line, and I'll get back to you. I guess that means free tutoring with the book!

My live classic rock and blues album, "Tryin' to Reach You", which is a recording of a performance I did at a bay front saloon in Newport, Oregon when I was working as a 'One Man Band'. It has 3 cover tunes (Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Wishbone Ash) and 7 of my original tunes. Nothin' fancy, just basic rock and blues- but it's great music for driving in your car!

  • Check out my demo video and play list on the Rock With Doc! page.


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