Tryin' To reach You-  Doc Michaels' Live album

 It's classic Rock and Boogy Blues, good energy toe tappin' kind, somewhat humorous, not cryin' in your beer music! It has 7 of my originals, and 3 cover tunes (Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Wishbone Ash) recorded live in a tavern on the bayfront in Newport Oregon. It sounds best cranked up!! A great addition to the collection of any serious rockin' blues fan!

Side One
Baby Please Don't Go.... by Muddy Waters. I half-timed this tune, gave it a heavier beat, and threw in some funky piano and a crying Fender guitar. It's a great dance tune and a rockin' re-styling of a classic blues tune!

Long Legged Doc Michaels. This one rocks, too. Yes- it's about someone I once knew, and you've probably met her. I hope you had the good sense to turn and run!

Pride & Stevie Ray Vaughn. I didn't do much to change this one. Some things are better left the way they are. It Rocks!

Rainy Day Doc Michaels. A parody on "cryin' in your beer" Blues. The Oregon Coast can be cold and dreary, dearie, so have another beer, wrap up in a blanket, and quit whining!! Doc Michaels. A short up-tempo instrumental with horns,piano, a thumping bass, and solid driving drums. A quick glimpse of a wanna-be sophisticated city scene.


Side Two Wishbone Ash. I thought this one was a totally cool crossover rock/jazz tune. The original was 11 minutes long, ten minutes of instrumental and one verse at the end. I condensed it and ad-libbed another verse. It Rocks!

Tryin' To Reach Doc Michaels. Title cut of the album. Don't know how it got buried on side 2! This poor guy is just one step away from being a stalker. He can't quite connect with the object of his infatuation. It Rocks!

Love Doc Michaels. I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for Christmas and she said "Write me a song!!" So I did. This is it. It's kind of a laid-back swing tune. Strong piano with guitar solo and sax solo. It feels good.

She Gets Doc Michaels. Many years on the road, playing in bars in little towns I'd never heard of before. I couldn't admit to getting lonely sometimes away from home; She was the one getting lonely! oh yeah- it rocks!

Cold Hearted Doc Michaels. Another parody on a heartbreak blues tune. Traditional 16 bar progression, Up-tempo, good for dancing, I'd give it about a "95". yeah- I knew this one, too!

I pre-recorded all the tracks for these tunes, playing the drums, bass, keyboards, etc.., and recording them on a multi-track digital stereo recording system for playback during my  performances. These songs, and about 240 more, were the foundation for my performances as a solo entertainer. During performance I usually played my old Fender guitar with double-humbucking pickups, Ensoniq or Korg keyboards, along with the prerecorded tracks, and sang. My comparative vocal quality has been subject of debate, described as somewhere in there with Eric Clapton, George Thorogood, and Kermit the Frog. Every once in a while I use a Digitech harmonizer just for fun- to see the audience reaction! It does sound really good, and there's always somebody looking around for that other singer!

This collection is intended for your amusement and entertainment only, and is not presented as, or implied to be, Royalty Free Music for commercial applications. If there are any you would like to use in a commercial enterprise, drop me a line and we'll work a deal!!

Doc Michaels


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