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Tunewriter.com Royalty Free Original Music
Here are some freebies- sound bytes for Introductions and Finales, or even opening action sounds for web sites. These are all my own original compositions, presented as "Royalty Free Original Music from Tunewriter.com". You can use them free! Tell your friends! All I ask in return is please put "Music by Tunewriter.com" somewhere on your finished product.

Left-click the tune to hear it, right click it to download it.

3/4 Time Slow ballad drums  45 seconds

4/4 Time Rock Drums   54 seconds

5/4 Time Shuffle   one minute, 32 seconds

Phased Drum Roll   4 seconds

Fanfare #1   9 seconds

Horn Intro #1   3 seconds

Intro #A  44 seconds

Piano Finale #1   5 seconds

Piano Finale #2   6 seconds

Piano Finale #3   4 seconds

TaDuh!!   4 seconds

Zipper #1   8 seconds

Zipper #2   8 seconds

Zipper #3    8 seconds

Zipper #4    6 seconds

Zipper #5   6 seconds

Zipper #6   8 seconds

Zipper #7   10 seconds

This is just a start...so thanks for checking them out! I'll be adding to this page, too- I have a lot of ideas for useful sound bytes. I want to do another page of just guitar licks- maybe one page for electric guitar, one page for classical guitar. That's the plan, anyhow! There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do!!

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